Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Had my audition on sat. Seemed to go quite well although my Shakespeare was paraphrased to buggery! Asked me to read for Shylock as well. "If you cut us do we not bleed?" You know the one.
Very straightforward and clear speech. Would like to play the part even though I've never seen a performance nor read the play.

News just in! Rachel Weisz is still 'Hawt' despite being 40 years of age!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

TWAT! A RE-IMAGINING (spelling? Is there supposed to be an e there somewhere? Honestly I dont know where my head is these days.)

So author Scot Lynch has been suffering from depression and panic attacks. Anyone who's had a panic attack knows there not exactly a bundle of laughs and yet there's still those who snipe and whine because they feel their entitled to have a writers latest work when they want it, not when its actually done and dusted. Seriously guys an gals, get a fucking life as theres far more important shit out there to occupy your time.
Hati anyone?